How to Use Pit Boss Electric Smoker in 2021

Learn How to Use Pit Boss Electric Smoker Properly at Home

The Pit Boss electric smoker is a product that has been designed to provide a smoking experience similar to the traditional wood-fired smokers. Whether you’re cooking up some smoked ribs or trying your hand at smoking cheese, this device will help you achieve restaurant quality results. Read on for more info on how to use this amazing machine!

Pit Boss makes electric smokers that are great for home cooking. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, but all use the power of electricity to heat up your food.

Pit Boss is a company that manufactures electric smokers. These smokers are designed to make smoking meat and other foods easier than ever before. Pit Boss electric smoker reviews have been great for consumers looking to buy an effective smoker with no fuss. Do you want to learn more about how easy it can be to smoke food in your own home? Read on!

Learn the benefits of Pit Boss Electric Smokers, what makes them so popular, and why they are perfect for beginners or experienced smokers alike!

Electric smoker designed to help you make delicious smoked food at home. It’s like having your very own smoking shack right in your backyard! A pit boss electric smoker has large capacity and has enough space for cold smoking, curing, making jerky, steaming etc. The most important thing about pit boss electric smokers is that they are easy to use.

Smoke meats like a pro with an electric smoker like this one from pit boss smokers! Whether it’s beef, pork or poultry, these guys will help create some delicious meals that everyone will love! Got a BBQ fan in the family? Get them this amazing electric smoker and never buy another grill or oven again. Smoke all your meats at once so you don’t have to wait for everyone to eat, it’s also great for big families! Anyone can make delicious smoked food with pit boss electric smokers.

With a little practice, you will be able to make professional quality smoked meat in your own backyard. Even if you are new to smoking, don’t worry! There are many recipes available for you online. This electric smoker will make smoking meat easier than ever before without having to be in front of your grill all day long. Equipped with an electric heating element this amazing not only makes it easy to smoke foods but makes it extremely convenient when you are running out the door in the morning. Customize your meats with multiple vents and analog controls for precision cooking. With all these great features and its affordable price this pit boss smoker is a no brainer.

What is the best way to use a pit boss electric smoker?

Those looking to buy an electric smoker for the first time, it’s important to be informed so you can make sure you’re getting something that will meet your needs. This is especially true if you’ve never used one before and aren’t exactly familiar with what they can do. While some smokers are better than others, it all comes down to opinion since everyone has different preferences. If you want the best experience possible though, these are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around for an electric smoker.

First, it’s recommended that you go with a model with at least two internal racks because this will give you more cooking space to work with overall. Some even have as many as four separate racks inside them which allows you to cook your food more efficiently. If you only get one rack, the likelihood of not being able to fit everything inside of it is more likely than with models that have two or three racks.

You should also consider how easy the smoker will be to use overall. Since you’ll need to replace some parts over time like the wood chunks and chips, it’s important that you get a model that doesn’t cause any problems in this area. Apart from that, ensure that all the controls are located on one side of it, so they won’t be hard for you to reach when cooking. Ideally, these types of smokers should be temperature controlled since different meats require different heat settings which is something else for you to keep in mind when shopping around.
Finally, you should make sure that the model you buy can do what you want it to do. So, for instance, if you’re looking for something that can cook a large amount of food at once then you’ll need one with at least 400 square inches of cooking space inside total. If not, then there’s little point in buying an electric smoker that won’t meet your needs since they are supposed to be highly versatile after all.

To ensure that you get the best model possible in general, we recommend going with a well-known and trusted brand. Not only will the smoker be more durable overall in most cases, but it will also come with a better warranty and repairs won’t cost nearly as much either. On top of that, some brands put out free recipe books or guides to help their customers get started which is something else for you consider when making your final decision on which one to buy.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re searching for an electric smoker then this guide should make your search easier than ever before by providing some helpful advice. With all these things taken into consideration, finding the right electric smoker shouldn’t take long at all.

What is the smoke setting on Pit Boss?

Smoke setting on the Pit Boss is simply a matter of taste. Do you want to add just a hint of smokey flavor? Low might be for you. Or do you like your food loaded with smoky flavor? Then high might be your best option. Some manufacturers have more options available while others are set to low, medium, and high.

The amount of smoke generated is typically a function of temperature and the duration of time exposed to heat.
When set on HIGH, for example, it typically takes less than 2-3 minutes to generate significant visible smoke (assuming 20+ degree F Day). If you want to add a lot of flavors in a very short period, we suggest you smoke at HIGH for a maximum of 2-3 minutes. Pit Boss Pellet Grills reach full smoke flavor in just 90 seconds!

The taste and amount of smoky flavor has everything to do with the type and quality of wood you use and how it is prepared before smoking. For example, wet chips don’t smoke nearly as well as dry chips or chunks. For this reason, Pit Boss only uses 100% natural wood pellets made from premium BBQ woods for optimum flavor and smoke production.

How many racks does it have?

This unit comes with 4 large chrome plated steel grates that can hold up to 30 kg (66 lbs.) each. This means that this could easily be used as a 2-rack smoker if you choose not to load it to capacity. We recommend smoking meats around 70% full so they do not touch the ribs or grates directly above them for best results.

Can I leave my Pit Boss electric smoker outside?

Yes, it is fine to keep your smoker outdoors if there are no extreme weather conditions or exposed flame nearby. If you are using an extension cord, please ensure that it can carry the load of the machine and that its wiring is of good quality. Extension cords are not covered by our warranty.

What is the best meat for smoking?

The type of meat that can be smoked depends on personal preference, but here are some popular choices:
Steak, poultry (chicken, turkey), fish, pork ribs and beef brisket.

What is the fuel of the pit boss electric smoker?

Lump charcoal (no lighter fluid or fire starter chemicals) is the most common fuel for smoking food. All you need to do is heat up the smoker, add some wood chips in it and put your food there. It takes about half an hour to get it ready for cooking.

Beef shoulder recipe is very slow cooking so it will be good enough when you want to try out pit boss electric smoker. Another recipe that would be good for this type of smoker is BBQ chicken drumsticks with Pit Boss rub mix. It also takes about half an hour before meat gets tender and meat tastes better when cooked slowly. The taste of BBQ chicken drumsticks with Pit Boss rub mixes just great! You can always prepare a big portion, store it in the fridge and heat up whenever you feel like eating.

For example, you can prepare this chicken 4 hours before your trip so when you come back after a long exhausting day it will be ready to eat. It is very tasty and has great texture so children would love it too. The recipe itself it’s very easy which means that even if you are not experienced cook, just follow instructions and everything should work out fine.

The meat is also good for freezing purpose, because it doesn’t matter if you do that or just put into the fridge. To get the best results try to keep at least 15 minutes between cooking another dish because if there’s cooking going on inside already, food won’t taste well.

How hot does the Pit Boss smoker get?

Pit Boss smokers use a digital temperature display to indicate the exact temperature inside the grill. Generally, the smoker holds an average of 180°F (80°C), however it can fluctuate depending on ambient temperatures and humidity levels.

What is the purpose of the Pit Boss smoker?

Pit Boss smokers are generally used for smoking meat like beef, ribs, chicken and fish. Keep in mind that smoking can take many hours depending on what you are cooking.

What are the features of the Pit Boss electric smoker?

The main features that set a Pit Boss apart from other smokers include: – Wireless Temperature Controls, Internal LED Display and Double Chrome-Plated Grilling Grates.

What is the best smoker to buy?

Depending upon what you want it for, there are many different smokers available on the market. The most popular option is an offset stick burner, which can burn wood or charcoal and has a small firebox that heats up food indirectly with heat convection. With features like removable grates, ash clean-out doors, meat probes and steam pans/water reservoirs, these types of smokers are very versatile in many ways. For example, you can use your offset stick burner as a regular grill by simply placing it next to the coals instead of using them for fuel. You can also use it as a regular oven when cooking by adjusting the fire so that is does not produce flame. Because of these features, offset stick burners are the preferred choice for many backyard barbecue enthusiasts and professional competition cooks.

A vertical water smoker or a cabinet style electric smoker is great if you want to be able to smoke larger cuts of meat, such as whole turkeys, pork shoulders/butt roasts and beef brisket. These types of smokers typically use wood chips for smoke flavoring instead of chunks. Since these styles of smokers cook by rising hot smoke from the bottom up through the food being smoked, they don’t require that you add additional fuel during the cooking process. This allows you to set it and forget it when smoking foods in these types of smokers.

If all you really need is a simple machine for cold smoking cheeses or other foods, you can consider getting a simple smoke generator. Smoke generators are very easy to use and do not require much effort on your part to operate. All you must do is place the item that will be smoked in front of the fuel source, light it up and wait for smoke time before placing food into the smoker.

What are the benefits of pit boss electric smoker?

If you are considering buying an electric smoker, then just go for it. It is a great addition to your kitchen especially if you love smoked food. Whether it is meat or vegetables, anything can be perfectly smoked just by utilizing this type of smoker. Many people all over the world use this kind of smoker since they are very efficient and reliable.

The pit boss electric smoker is a great investment for any household. This device takes the guess work out of smoking your food. Just plug it in, set the temperature and leave to do its own thing while you go about your business elsewhere. With such an easy process, this unit is well liked amongst many customers and has outstanding reviews online.

Ever seen a smoked meat and said to yourself “I bet to smoke my own meat”. Or you have friends/family who do it themselves and they always seem so much tastier than store bought? Well, the good news is that you can actually make them right in your backyard, with nothing but a smoker and some meats. And we’re here to show you exactly how.

There are many reasons to get a smoker, be it for your own personal use or for commercial purposes. At its most basic, smoking meat is taking something that was once alive and cooking it by way of indirect heat over an extended period. Rather than cooking the meat directly via fire, which would result in a burnt, dry product. A smoker allows for different kinds of meats to be cooked at different speeds and temperatures resulting in more tender meat that has been infused with flavor from the wood used. Then all you must do is add spices if you want it to taste better.

Most people who get into smoking meats get into using just basic hardwoods, things like Applewood or hickory. While these are perfectly suitable for your smoked meats, you can also use others depending on what kind of flavor profile you’re looking for in your meat. Some more exotic examples include mesquite, maple and pecan; though they tend to impart a different taste than you might expect when smoking with them.

The pit boss electric smoker is among the best models on the market, as it provides a lot of room for smoking and can be used with any kind of wood you want to use. There are other smokers out there that come with different features and even more specific applications, but we’ll save those for another time and stick to what we know.

So now that you have a smoker, you’re all set. What can you do with it? Well, if you’re just interested in smoking meats then the best thing to do is to try out different cuts of meat until you find something you like. You could also buy an already smoked cut but those tend to be expensive so it’s better to start with raw meat and get the best cuts of it.

The pit boss electric smoker is very economical, so you can use it for all kinds of meats. The more tender cuts of pork work best because they’ll be cooked quickly and stay moist. Ribs are also great to smoke due to the fat content that keeps them nice and juicy.

Once you’re set on what meats to smoke, it’s time for the seasoning. If you are smoking your own meat, then there are many different recipes out there that can help you come up with something unique. The pit boss electric smoker can run multiple racks at once, so you can fit a lot of different meats in them at the same time.

There are many recipes to follow, from brining techniques to adding different kinds of herbs and spices. The only thing you have to take into consideration is that a lot of flavors can be lost in the smoking process so it’s a good idea not to overdo it with the spices.

The pit boss electric smoker also has a unique feature known as “The Smoking Gun” that can be used to add more flavor to your meats. It fires flavored pellets into the smoker that are then vaporized and release smoke which you can use to infuse your meat with new flavors for a distinct taste.

There are many kinds of smokers on the market, but none offer the same number of benefits as The Petit might seem difficult to prepare your own smoked meats, but it’s really very simple. The pit boss electric smoker is designed for first-time users, so you won’t need any expert advice on how to operate them. They also come with many safety features so you can keep yourself and others safe while working with the unit. We hope you find this article useful and that it gives you a better idea on what the pit boss electric smoker is all about.

It might seem difficult to prepare your own smoked meats, but it’s really very simple. The pit boss electric smoker is designed for first-time users, so you won’t need any expert advice on how to operate them. They also come with many safety features so you can keep yourself and others safe while working with the unit.

We hope that this article gave you a better idea on what the pit boss electric smoker is all about. If you’d like, check out our homepage for more information about smokers and other kinds of grills. There’s a lot of different kinds of smokers out there but by far the pit boss electric smoker is the most user-friendly and economical one available on the market. It’s also safe to use and guarantees a great outcome when smoking your own meats in your backyard or at any other location you might want to use it in.

Here’s what other smokers have said about their experience with the pit boss:
” I’ve had the pit boss for over 4 years now. It is incredibly easy to use, especially on cold winter days when I don’t want to add more coals or wood chips to my old gas smoker. It’s also great if you live in an apartment and can’t smoke inside.”
“I have used this electric smoker at least once a week since purchasing it some time back. The meat always turns out tender and full of flavor. I couldn’t be happier!”
” This has been the best investment that I have ever made! It doesn’t cost a lot to run and hardly makes a dent in my electricity bill either which upsets me less because of how cheap it was in the first place!”

We hope you find this article useful and that it gives you a better idea on what the pit boss electric smoker is all about. If you have any questions or opinions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We check up on our comments regularly, so we’ll be sure to reply as soon as possible.

What is included in the Pit Boss box?

Your order will include 1x Electric Smoker and 1x Wireless Remote Control. The smoker comes with 2 chrome-plated grates, 1 detachable wood chip tray and 1 water bowl. Your order will also come with a recipe book which can be viewed online.

Types of Pit Boss Electric Smokers for Purchase?

There are 3 types of pit boss electric smokers available for purchase on the market. Each is designed with a different size and price tag in mind. You can choose to invest in either an 18-inch, 20 inch or 24-inch model. All options come with their own unique features, but all are generally similar in appearance.

These 3 models are as follows:

18-inch pit boss electric smoker – Ideal for those who want to smoke food for 2-3 people at any given time. It also works well if you don’t have much storage space available, as it is smaller than the other models available. Capacity: 40 pounds of meat per smoking session This unit includes an adjustable temperature control which will let you choose between temperatures ranging from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

20-inch pit boss electric smoker – This is the model that I own myself. It’s ideal if you plan on smoking large batches of meat in one go, but it could also be used by smaller families who don’t need to smoke food in bulk quantities at any given time. Capacity: 40 pounds per smoking session While this unit does not have an adjustable temperature control it can still hold up well when in use, reaching temperatures as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

24-inch pit boss electric smoker- Perfect if you love to smoke larger amounts of food for family gatherings or parties. Capacity: 80 pounds of meat per smoking session This unit comes with an adjustable temperature control so you can choose between 100- and 275-degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes a drip pan which will catch excess fat from your meats while they are being cooked.

How to Clean Your Pit Boss Electric Smoker Post Use?

Today we will be demonstrating how to clean your Electric Smoker Post Use. As you all know the best way to maintain a smoker is using it! The more you use your pit boss electric smoker, the better the results of your cooking and the easier it will be to clean it. So, get out there and get smoking some meats… however, we will need to show you how to clean your electric smoker post use.

Electric smokers can be dirty work, and although they are easier than wood/charcoal smokers it is still a good idea to know the proper way to clean an Electric Smoker after use. After each time it’s used (assuming you’ve been cooking on it) it’s a good idea to clean the exterior of the smoker, get rid of any gunk that got stuck to it while cooking.

1. First remove all embers or coals from your electric smoker and let the firepot cool off. Do not use water on an electric/charcoal smoker because it will cause rusting in certain spots, which can lead to electrical failure. We recommend using a putty knife or scraper tool to remove any large chunks of burnt meat or grease from the firepot area. You can use a damp cloth for cleaning other areas on your smoker like the exterior and interior racks.

2.Once you’ve removed all visible debris pull out the firepot and dump the ashes. You can use a metal bucket or plastic pail, but we recommend using a disposable aluminum pan for easy clean up.

3.Clean the ash off the interior bottom of your smoker with water, soap, etc… however be careful not to get any inside the vents or funnel area where the meat is put in and smoke comes out.

4.Once this is done start taking apart your smoker accessories such as the top lid, doors, vents, temperature gauge, etc… using a screwdriver or whatever is necessary to remove all parts of the smoker. (Tip: Use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment with extended nozzle to reach every part of your smoker to remove ash and debris.)

5.Once the smoker components are removed, use a cloth with soapy water or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to wash any remaining ash/debris off the exterior of the smoker, inside of the lid vents, drip pan, firepot cover, etc… Make sure you dry these parts AFTER you wash them. Don’t use too much soap, as it will make your smoker smell like a port-o-potty for weeks!

6.After everything has been dried fully put the smoker back together and start cooking again on it! This time remember to keep adding wood/charcoal if necessary, every time you cook, and pre-heating if your smoker requires it.

7. To clean the firepot after its full of ash dump the contents into an aluminum pan, then using a putty knife or scraper tool take out any chunks that may be stuck to the sides of the firepot/grate areas. Empty the ash from this area into the same aluminum pan you used to get the chunks out of the firepot with.

8. Scrub down all areas on your smoker that have ash stuck to them, if any are left over try again after it has cooled off or use a putty knife or scraper tool to take it off. Remember not to let water inside your smoker, but soap or isopropyl alcohol is ok.

9. Once you’ve cleaned your smoker with water and soap/isopropyl alcohol dry it off completely before use again! The most important part of cleaning an electric smoker post use is to make sure everything is dried fully so it doesn’t cause any rusting or electrical failure.

10. The next time you use your electric smoker, make sure you clean it after its cooled off BEFORE cooking anything on it! This will prevent ash and debris from building up inside the smoker again, which can be hard to remove later. Cooking meats like ribs or brisket that are very heavy with barbeque sauce or other marinades can get all that residue stuck on the smoker too.

11. Keep in mind that after every time you use your electric smoker it’s a good idea to clean it and re-season your smoker with some light oil, or if needed a thin coat of vegetable oil is ok for this as well. This will keep your smoker in good working condition and prevent rusting.

12. Following these 12 steps will help you clean your electric smoker and increase the life of it! Electric smokers are better than propane by far, but they still need to be taken care of properly to work correctly and last a long time. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment on this article.

What is the return policy for buying a Pit Boss electric smoker?

Deposits paid for a Pit Boss smoker are non-refundable. Some online stores do, however, offer a 7-day, no questions asked exchange policy on all other products purchased from these online stores should you wish to change your mind within this time frame.

What does the warranty policy of Pit Boss electric smoker entail?

Pit Boss warranties their products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year commencing on the date of purchase.

What does this cover?

This warranty covers any apparent defects, shortages or imperfections which are due to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacture. Any product that is returned within the warranty period will be repaired or replaced at no charge (excluding return shipping charges). If they cannot repair your smoker, Pit Boss may elect to replace your smoker with a new unit having comparable features and functionality. The foregoing remedies are Pit Boss’ sole liability under this limited warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts so some of these limitations may not apply to you.

Pit Boss neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for Pit Boss any other liability in connection with the sale of its products.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not cover:

(1) Product that has been damaged by accidents, misuse, abuse, product modification or neglect;
(2) Product that has been subjected to operation outside its intended use;
(3) Product that has been altered or repaired by anyone other than Pit Boss’ authorized service group;
(4) Normal wear and tear on parts such as drip pans and handles
(5) Problems caused by failure to properly maintain such as grease build-up and rust.

What if I cannot find my receipt? You can provide proof of purchase by providing an invoice or e-mail confirmation specifying date of sale and serial number (or other unique product identification). If you require replacement, Pit Boss will warranty the item according to the terms set forth above based on the original date purchase shown on your proof of purchase.

What are the payment options for the Pit Boss electric smoker?

For the purchase of a Pit Boss electric smoker, you may need to have the following payment options:
– Credit Card (visa/Mastercard)
– PayPal account / direct debit.


When it comes to smoking your food, you can’t go wrong with a pit smoker. These smokers not only make the process easier and more convenient, but they also help maintain an even temperature throughout the cooking process for better tasting meat. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line electric smoker that will give you years of enjoyment and flavor no matter what type of meat or other foods are being smoked, take some time to consider one of our options before making your final decision.

Our list of the best electric smokers was created to help you easily identify and compare each smoker we’ve listed. We’ve reviewed each option and compared its features and specifications, as well as mentioned what buyers liked or disliked about it. This way, if you’re looking for a specific type of smoker, such as something that comes with a rotisserie burner or can accommodate a whole turkey, you should be able to find the smoker on our list that meets your needs.

In addition, we’ve offered a suggested list price as well as a more in-depth review of what you can expect from each smoker.
Some people think that electric smokers are inferior to other types, but this isn’t the case at all. As a matter of fact, they have several advantages over both gas and charcoal smokers because they produce better tasting food with less hassle and maintenance required. Having an automatic temperature control is the best way to ensure that your food comes out perfect every time because it also takes care of the guess work for you. In addition, since there is no open flame or hot coals involved in this process, you won’t have any flareups which means no burnt meat! Cleaning is also a breeze with an electric smoker, so you can spend less time worrying about your smoker and more time enjoying it.

We’ve also included a short list of helpful tips that should help you to get started using your smoker with ease. This will include how long it takes to preheat, what temperature you should use when cooking certain types of meat, and several other useful tidbits of information for getting the most out of your electric smoker. You’ll notice that this guide is much shorter than our reviews are because the amount of time needed to prepare food in an electric smoker falls under 20 minutes so there isn’t much else to say!

Taking all these things into consideration, we believe that any one of the smokers on our list would be perfect for anyone looking for a top-quality electric smoker. We hope you have fun reading our reviews and shopping for the best electric smoker for your needs.

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