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The Boston butt roast is a rump roast that is roasted in the oven. The Boston butt has many different uses, some of which include making a whole turkey or game hen. It can serve as an entree, side dish, and also be used to make short ribs and rack of lamb. As with most of the meats that are cooked in the oven, they can be cooked in a variety of different ways. The “Boston” refers to the state of Boston, Massachusetts, where this cut is named after. The butt roast is a rump roast that is generally used for making roasts. This cut comes from either the upper back or hip area but is used more often than not on the upper back because if it were to be cut from its hip area would be too large and fatty to be used as an oven roast.

This is a detailed guide that will give you the instructions and precautions necessary on how to cook a boston butt in the oven. There are a lot of Boston Butts out there but most people do not know how to cook them properly and what temperatures should be used for this dish.

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How to cook a boston butt in the oven


* One Boston butt roast

* Salt, pepper, and garlic powder mixture(powdered)

* Oil for rubbing in the roast and foil pan

* Heavy-duty aluminum foil for wrapping the pan with the roast in it. This is important to use because it holds in the moisture and the meat temperature will not fall below its cooking temperature. This is why you want to make sure that you skim a layer of fat from your roast before roasting it. If there is too much fat on your roast then it will become greasy from melted fat and ruin your dinner table appearance. Do not forget that when simmering or frying as well as baking this will only add more calories to your meal so beware.

* A cheap wire rack to place at the bottom of the oven



  • Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C) when cooking a Boston butt. It is important that you cook a Boston butt within an hour of its being placed in the oven. It should be cooked at the correct temperature in order for it to be fully cooked such as not too mushy or overdone. If you get it too cold it will not cook evenly and if it is too hot then you could burn the outside layer of your roast and ruin your roast as well. So set a timer for one hour and give your roast time to sit in the oven before placing it on your table.
  • Rinse the roast with cold water to get off any dirt or dust that it may have picked up. Trim some of the fat from the outside and inside of your roast by using a sharp knife.
  • Add garlic powder, salt, and pepper to a plastic bag and shake them around inside. Don't use too much but make sure that you add enough to your cut so that it can be completely seasoned.
  • Pat your roast dry before placing it in the plastic bag as well punch out all of the air pockets that are in your baked Boston butt so that they do not burn when they become hot. Be sure not to put too much salt into this because you only want a pinch will do.
  • Place your roast in the plastic bag, add a little oil to cover your roast, and squish it around so that it is well mixed with the seasoning. Make sure that you do not squash the bag too hard or else that will mess up the seasoning for your roast.
  • Wrap your roast in two layers of aluminum foil so that it will be easier to lift out once done and place in a pan; it is important to use aluminum foil because the acid from the meat may cause its metal to rust, making this dish a disaster.


The actual cooking process

  • When you take your roast out of the oven, do not cut it until it is completely cooled off. If you cut into a hot baked roast then the juices will all run out and leave your meat dry. A good way to make sure that your meat is cooked thoroughly is to stick a fork into your roast to see if it comes out easily. If it does not then that means that there is more cooking time needed for this dish.
  • Place a precooked wire rack on the bottom of your oven depending on how much space there is in between the heating element and glass door.
  • Remove the foil pan with your roast in it from the oven and take frozen towels that are wrapped around the hot cooking plate of your oven.
  • Place a generous amount of canola oil on the hot plate, place your roaster in the oven, and turn off all of the heat sources to ensure that you do not overcook it.
  • Restain for about ten minutes before you cut into it to make sure that it is cooked; if it is not then place it back in for another 5 minutes. This will prevent any burnt ends from happening.
  • Serve your baked Boston butt with a side dish of potatoes, corn, and mashed or baked potatoes.
  • Brown rice or white rice can also be used as a healthier option.
  • Other recipes can be added to suit your taste but these dishes are considered more healthful and less calorific.


The best way to cook a Boston butt in the oven

  • Make sure that your oven is up to temperature before you place the roast in. You may also want to preheat your oven early so that you can control how cold the roast will be when placed in the oven.
  • You can season your roast with garlic, salt, pepper, onion powder, or whatever seasoning mix you like. It does not matter what spices you use but it is important that they are evenly spread out on your oven roast so that it gets distributed through all of the meat.
  • In order to thoroughly cook an oven-roasted Boston butt, make sure that there is a thermometer or meat thermometer inserted into the thickest part of your beef picnic cut. It should read between 160 and 180 degrees F. If there is no meat thermometer inserted into your roast then you may want to test the temperature by inserting a little piece of meat from your roast or a part of it that does not touch any other parts of the roast. The idea is to get an idea of how hot your oven is so that you can set the right amount of time for this dish.
  • If you are cooking a Boston butt then make sure that you give it all of the room in your oven so that it will be able to cook at its desired temperature. This will prevent it from standing too close to the heating element and being burned during the cooking process.
  • Take the roast out of the oven and cool it off by placing it on a wire rack in an aluminum foil bag. This will make sure that all of the juices in your roaster are retained by pressing down on the meat with your hands so that they do not run out.
  • Once cool, use a sharp knife to cut into your raw Boston butt so that you will be able to get at the center of it without ruining any of its delicate meat. 
  • Always serve this dish with vegetables and mashed or baked potatoes instead of regular potatoes. You can also eat brown rice or white rice as well but you need to sauté those for about 3 minutes, adding garlic cloves and salt before serving.


Ideas for what to do with leftover pork butt.

There are many different recipes that use leftover pork and this is how you can make the best out of it. Here are some recipes to try:

  • Pork burritos: 
  • Just cut the meat into small pieces, add beans and corn to it along with spices and wrap them up in a tortilla that is warmed to your liking.
  • A great dish that uses leftover pork is pulled or pulled pork sandwiches. You can also make casseroles as well as stews from them too. They are great to serve for a family dinner.
  • It is also possible to make breakfast sandwiches from the pieces of this cut of meat.
  • It is possible to make tacos out of this cut of meat as well as chow mein stir-fry.
  • It is also possible to make an omelet with it and add mozzarella cheese and mushrooms; you can even throw in some onions, sautéed peppers, or Mexican seasonings like cumin and pepper.
  • Another option is to add some salsa to your dish so that it will have a good amount of spice in it.
  • It is possible to add a piece of this roast to a salad as well.
  • The very best thing that you can do with your Boston butt is to use it to make enchiladas.
  • You can even make sandwiches out of it and then fry or grill them.
  • Cheese and corn are great ingredients for casseroles that you can use for your leftover pork.
  • If you want to get creative with this cut then cut it up into small pieces so that you will be able to use it in stir-fry recipes as well.
  • This is a dish that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or even dinner.
  • You can save it and add it to fried rice later on in the day and it will taste just as good as the first time that you cooked it.
  • It is a great way to come up with some dishes other than just heating up your roast for dinner. 
  • Make sure that you store your leftovers by putting them in an airtight container or cling wrap so that they will last longer; this will prevent freezer burn from happening to them.
  • Even if you decide to make tacos with your leftover roast, it would be a good idea to preheat an oiled pan to medium-high because you will want to use that instead of making the meat soggy in the microwave.
  • Make sure that you also add some vegetables along with some seasonings or salsa so that it will not fall apart easily.
  • You can use your leftover pork for breakfast burritos or scrambled eggs as well.
  • The best kind of sauce for this dish is a cheese sauce or sour cream with cheese added to it so that it has a creamy flavor.



What is the best temperature to cook a Boston butt in the oven?

The temperature that you should cook a Boston butt in the oven is between 250 and 300 degrees F. If possible, you should aim for about 275 degrees F. You do not want to go any less than 250 degrees F because it will not cook your roast properly.

Do you cover a Boston butt when you cook it in the oven?

You do not have to cover your roast when you cook it in the oven but it is going to depend on how much heat you are cooking the roast. If you are cooking it at a temperature of about 250 degrees F then it is not going to matter if the pork roast has been covered or not. However, if your temperature goes beyond 300 degrees F then you will want to place a piece of aluminum foil over that roast and put it in the oven for about three hours so that it does not burn.

How long does a Boston butt take to cook in the oven?

The length of time that you will have to cook your Boston butt will depend on many different things. If you are cooking it is a gas oven then it will be about two and a half hours on average. If you are using an electric oven then your roast is going to take more time because the heat is not as even as it would be with the use of gas. You should always check the temperature of your roast so that you will have a better idea of how long it needs to cook, but only do this if you have a meat thermometer inserted into your roast or if there is one nearby.

Which cooking method is best for Boston butt?

There are two different ways that you can cook your Boston butt so that it will come out cooked at the same temperature both in terms of texture and in terms of taste. You will want to use a roasting pan for your roast and this will give you more control over the temperature both during cooking and throughout the process as well.

Should I cover my pulled pork in the oven?

If you pull your Boston butt and you are not planning on serving it right away then it is a good idea to cover the meat with foil. This will help keep the juices in and it is also going to prevent people from smelling it when they walk into the house as well. You do not have to cover it up immediately when you take your roast out of the oven, but you will want to cover it with foil so that the meat stays warm while you are waiting for dinner time to arrive.



The Boston butt roast is always a cut of meat that is well-liked by most because of the great amount of flavor that it provides. You will need to have a lot of patience in order for the pork to cook properly, but if you follow these steps then you should end up with a roast that is ready for your plates at any given moment. It is important to note that the first time that you cook this cut of meat, it is going to take longer than it usually does depend on the temperature and how far away from your oven's setting you are; however, every single time thereafter, cooking it will get easier as long as you use everything correctly as recommended.

If you are interested in learning how to cook a boston butt in the oven then please read my article on this topic and leave your comments below.

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