How to clean Masterbuilt Smoker in 6 Steps Easy

Hey guys I’ve been cooking with the masterbuilt electric smoker every week for about 4 years now and let me tell you sometimes it gets pretty ugly in there.

Now I don’t clean this thing after every single cook.

I use it a lot and I’ve got a busy life and I’m sure you guys do too so after cooking a few briskets or pork butts in this thing

I know it’s time to clean it!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to clean masterbuilt smoker when cleaning time comes around.

So if you’ve got a dirty electric smoker then this is the article for you

So stick around guys let’s get to the post.

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Safety first

Before you start cleaning you’re going to want to unplug the masterbuilt electric smoker

It’s very important because it is an electrical appliance and you don’t want any risk of electrocution or shock when you start washing it

So make sure:

  • It’s unplugged
  • Make sure you just didn’t use it and it’s super hot inside (you’re gonna burn yourself)


The second thing is you’re gonna need a few pieces of equipment

The first one is rubber gloves. It’s good to have some protection for your hands,

You’re going to want to have non-chemical-based solvent for cleaning the inside of the smoker so in this case, I’ve done 50/50: Apple cider vinegar and water!

This is the recommended cleaning solution for the inside of the masterbuilt electric smoker by masterbuilt and they’ve done videos where they’ve suggested using this because they don’t want to use harsh chemicals. So this is what I use!

The other thing you can use is actually coca-cola because coca-cola is safe for you and it actually dissolves a lot of the carbon buildup and the grease.

So if you spray some coca-cola solution on the inside of this wait 30 minutes then it’ll dissolve a lot of that grease and you can take it off.

But for now, I only use what master built recommends and just do some vinegar-water solution.

I also have a bowl of soapy water for cleaning the outside of the masterbuilt electric smoker and I have a bunch of paper towels for cleaning everything up.

The other thing you’re gonna need is a hefty scraper for scraping-out all the grease and smoke buildup on the inside.

So make sure you have one of these handy

How to clean Masterbuilt smoker in 6 steps easy

Step 1: Clean the outside of your smoker with a damp cloth

Ok the first thing we’re gonna do is just give the outside of the smoker a clean

This thing has been outside for a long time so it’s built up a lot of dirt and dust on the outside

So I usually just start giving that a good clean and then I’ll thoroughly dry it after I’m done cleaning the outside

Step 2: Take out all pieces, including racks and drip pan

After we’ve cleaned and dried the outside of the smoker we’re going to open it up and start cleaning the inside

I like to start from top to bottom. So first I’ll pull out the grates, If the grates are cleaner than the rest of the smokers cuz I usually clean the grates after each cleaning.

I just put them in the dishwasher

You don’t need to be as worried about using any sort of soap or chemicals to clean the grates and the support brackets because you’re going to be thoroughly washing them with water anyway just like you would with any other dish or cooking ware

So we’ll take the grates out and now we’ll take the support brackets out. So you just push up and pull them out and these get pretty dirty as you can see.

There’s a lot of smoke buildup on them so we’ll clean those along with the grapes because they come out easily

Now that those are out, we can take out the drip deflector but before we do that we’re gonna take out the water bowl so we’ll take the water bowl out, we’ll put it in our pile here with our grates and then we’ll take the drip deflector off

There’s a lot to build upon this I’ve cooked quite a few briskets and pork butts in between clean so it’s become caked on that will scrape all of that stuff off

So I’ll put that there and now we’ve got our chip tray

So we’ll take the chip tray out as you can see there’s a couple of chips left in there or some dust from the pellets I was using last

So we’ll put that aside this is the heating element of the deflector it doesn’t come out unless you want to go in there with a screwdriver, and take it all out but I don’t recommend that just leave that in there for now

And then we have the drip pan at the very bottom.

This is where most of the gunk will be as you can see the hole that the grease is supposed to come down is actually blocked by a large chunk of carbonized grease so you want to make sure that this hole is always clear and unobstructed so that it can drip down into the drip tray which is down here.

So we’ll take that out as well and now we’ll take all this over to the sink

Step 3: Wipe out all removable parts and place them in hot water for about 10 minutes to remove any leftover residue

Now that we have everything at the sink, we’re going to start with all the stuff with the biggest amount of build up.

So what I like to do is I just like to empty out all of the the old chips into a biodegradable bag because I’m going to recycle this.

We all need to do our part to save the environment after all.

So I’m gonna put all the extra grease and everything in here instead of the garbage, and I’m gonna use it for compost, and I’m gonna scrape off all of the extra grease on this tray into there

Okay we’ll put that aside for now

We’ll take the tray and if there’s anything in there we can scrape that out as well this is pretty good

Though this drip deflector is pretty bad but I think I can get an edge in there and just scrape it right off

See how it just comes off in a big sheet so we’ll just scrape that off and we’ll put it into the bag

There we go and now the drip pan will scrape this off

Put that in the recycling bag and there’s a bit of grease on the bottom

That will scrape off now after most of the buildup is off

We’re going to start cleaning everything with some hot soapy water in the sink and after it’s fully submerged in the hot soapy water we’re just gonna leave it for about 10 minutes to dissolve a bunch of the grease and then we’ll come back and we’ll start scraping everything off

Step 4: Scrub off stubborn stains using steel wool, then rinse thoroughly

Alright these have been soaking for about ten minutes so the first thing we’re going to start out with is the water pan and I like to use some steel wool to clean this

Sometimes steel wool is the only way to clean this because as you can see there’s a huge buildup of carbon and smoke on the outside

So we’ll take some steel wool to it and we’ll just give it a scrape

And you can see how the black smoke is all being taken away now and you can actually see the metal underneath so that’s what we want

And there we go the water pan is nice and clean now so we’re going to rinse that off and we’re going to set it aside to dry

Now let’s take a look at our grill racks they look pretty clean but we’ve got a little bit of carbon buildup on the bottoms

So we’re going to do the same thing we’re gonna take our steel wool if I can find it in the sink here the water so black I can’t really find it anymore and we’ll just start cleaning the rack off

So we’ll give this a nice thorough rinsing now and now we’re just going to repeat that process with the remaining three racks alright

So next up we’re going to clean the drip tray here this drip deflector the chip tray and then there’s the support racks and the main drip tray at the very bottom

So again we’re just going to use the steel wool to clean everything up

Then we’re going to thoroughly rinse it and dry it and then we’ll put it back in the smoker after we’ve cleaned the smoker interior

Step 5: Remove any extra grease or food residue on the interior of masterbuilt smoker by wiping it down with mixture of vinegar

Remove any extra grease or food residue on the inside by wiping it down

Now for cleaning the interior of the smoker we’re going to use a nonchemical cleaner

We’re just going to use as I said earlier the half and a half apple cider vinegar and water solution

We’re gonna spray down the interior and I’m just gonna wipe out the interior with disposable paper towels as I go and then I’m gonna Chuck these in the organic recycling just so I’m not wasting a whole bunch of paper towels

You can also use a rag but I just findit a lot easier to use paper towels because you can actually see all the grease and the smoke residue that you’re taking off as you go so we’ll just spritz this down with the apple cider solution

All right now we’re gonna start wiping it down

And as I’m going I’m just sort of shoving all the dirt and grease onto this plastic sheet that I have a front just to clean it out, and it’s important to note that there’s a drain hole right in the center of the smoker and you want to make sure that that’s free of any sort of buildup or grease

Now this smoker is particularly dirty so I’m also using the barbecue scraper just to scrape off all of the hardened fat and carbon buildup on the bottom and also on the sides you can just scrape along the sides and pretty easily sort of scrape off all that blackness

Then I usually go in with the steel wool give it a few squirts of the apple cider vinegar finish it with a steel wool and it doesn’t have to be perfectly clean

I mean this is good seasoning in here we’ll re-season this afterwards but a little bit of build-up isn’t gonna hurt

So don’t feel like you need to make it and span and completely clean

Step 6: Allow it to dry before putting it back into your masterbuilt smoker or using again

So the last step is to put your accessories back inside the masterbuilt electric smoker such as the racks and the trays

And then you’re gonna want to roll some smoke through it so set it to 270 as high as the smoker can go and put some wood chips into the tray

And you’re gonna want to smoke it for one or two hours just to burn off any extra moisture because you don’t want to create any rust on the inside

This is also gonna help add a thin layer of seasoning to the pieces of the metal that you just scrubbed clean


How often should you clean a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

You should clean your Masterbuilt electric smoker after 2-3 use or about once a month

Can I use oven cleaner on my Masterbuilt electric smoker?

For me, I never use oven cleaner on any electric smoker. It will completely destroy the inside of it!

How long does it take to clean a Masterbuilt smoker?

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half depending how dirty your Masterbuilt electric smoker is.

Should I clean the inside of my masterbuilt smoker?

Yes you should always clean the inside of your Masterbuilt electric smoker. You don’t want to inhale the grease and smoke residue when you use it next time.

Can I clean my masterbuilt smoker in a dishwasher?

Never put any part of an electric or gas powered smoker into a dishwasher. The steam will cause it to corrode or rust.

What are the best tools for cleaning a Masterbuilt electric smoker?

For the exterior, I would recommend using an all natural cleaning product like aApple cider vinegar .

For getting into tight corners on the inside of your electric smoker, I would recommend some type of small brush or sponge with stiff bristles.

A barbecue scraper is great for removing the buildup on the bottom of your smoker.
For really tough cleaning jobs, I would recommend using a steel wool scrub pad or some very fine steel wool.


So thanks a lot for watching guys I really appreciate it and I hope you learned something about how to clean masterbuilt smoker.

This is a really important part of the process to me because I don’t have a lot of money to spend on smoking equipment and this is one of my only smokers in addition to my Oklahoma Joe’s offset smoker

So I need to take care of the equipment that I do have so it’s important for me to clean this periodically and make sure that it’s in good working order

This thing has served me well for about four years now so I think with regular care and cleaning and maintenance

It’ll serve me a lot longer and it’ll produce a lot of great food so thanks a lot guys and happy smoking.

Enjoy more useful post on my blog!

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