How Long To Smoke A Boston Butt At 225, 250, 275, 300 Degrees

Anyone who has ever smoked a pork butt, or boston butt as it is sometimes called, knows that there is nothing quite like the flavor of slow cooked barbecue pork.

However, many people are unsure of how long to smoke a boston butt in order to achieve maximum flavor and tenderness.

In this blog post, we will provide some tips on smoking a boston butt so that you can create the perfect barbecued pork dish every time. Enjoy!

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How long to smoke a Boston butt at 225, 275, 250, 200, 300 degrees

When it comes to smoking a boston butt, there are many different opinions on how long it should be smoked.

Some people say 8 hours, others say 12 hours. So, what is the right answer?

Well, it really depends on the size of the butt and the temperature of your smoker. A general rule of thumb is that for every pound of meat, you should smoke it for 1-2 hour.

So, if you have a 4-pound boston butt, you would smoke it for 4 hours.

Keep in mind that the temperature of your smoker will also affect how long it takes to cook the meat.

If your smoker is at 225 degrees F, it will take longer than if your smoker is at 300 degrees F. So, experiment!

How long to smoke a Boston butt at 200?

The Boston butt, also known as the pork shoulder or roast should smoke for 2 hours per pound at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The large cuts of meat cook much slower than smaller ones so it's important to keep an eye on your thermometer when cooking this dish!

How long to smoke a Boston butt at 225?

When smoking a Boston butt, it's important to keep in mind that there are many factors which can affect how long your food will take. When cooking with meat at 225 degrees Fahrenheit (107 Celsius), expect roughly 2 hours per pound of smoked Boston butt- so if you're using the same piece for both parts and methods then just multiply those numbers together! You'll want an even faster rate when grilling outside or using wood as fuel; however - remember not all heat sources work equally well on every type ingredients.

How long to smoke a Boston butt at 250?

To make sure your Boston butt is cooked to perfection, you should cook it at 250 degrees for 90 - 95 minutes per pound. This means that a 10-pound cut of pork shoulder will take around 15–16 hours when cooking time equals 1/2 recipe plus an hour or two extra just in case!

How long to smoke boston butt at 275?

If you are cooking your Pork Butt at 275*F, estimate 1 hour per pound of meat. So for this recipe I used a 9 pound pork butt which means that after smoking it will take about 8-9 hours to prepare and cook accordingly

I would recommend using wood rather than pellets when preparing food in order not only does the smoke flavor intrude on meats but also because many people find themselves short on time or just don't feel like carrying around buckets full if ash all day long!

How long to smoke a Boston butt at 300?

The Boston butt is a great cut for low and slow smoking. Place the pork roast on your grill, close up that lid of yours tightly (but not too tight!) then set temperature at 300°F. This way you will get an 8 pound finished product in about 10 hours - depending upon how fast or hot your oven cooks!

How long should you smoke a Boston per pound?

The answer to this question depends on your desired level of doneness. Smoking time averages 90 minutes for each smoked pork butt, but it can be as short at 80 if preferred with no extra drying time needed after cooking process finished - just warm up in between! If slice/pulled then cook until 185° Fahrenheit ( Calories | Volume )

How long does it take to smoke a Boston butt 7 pounds? 

Approximately 10 and 1/2 hours. While every piece of meat will be different, the general rule for pork butts is that they need 90 minutes per pound or 7 yields in this recipe making their cooking time approximately 11-1/2 hrs altogether

How long does it take to smoke 8 lb Boston butt?

It will take about 16 hours to smoke an 8-pound Boston butt if you're using a smoker running at 225 degrees F. This means that each pound of pork shoulder requires 2+ hours for cooking time, depending on how fast your heat strives and whether or not there are other tasks needing attention during this period in which case it could be longer than 22 minutes per layer (which would mean 3 layers).

How long does smoke 5lb Boston butt?

The best way to get the most out of your smoke session is by planning ahead and knowing how long it will take for each pound or piece input. A 5-pound Boston butt will need 10 - 14 hours on average but can be finished in as little time if you wrap once they reach 180°F.

How long to smoke a  Boston butt on grill and smoker

How long to smoke a  Boston butt on the grill

To make the most of your Boston butt, you need to oil the grill grates and keep an eye on it. The pork should be cooked over indirect heat with a temperature consistently at about 225 degrees F for 5 hours 30 minutes or until there is no pink left in tow; then remove from oven onto cutting board immediately so that juices can flow freely without drying out too much when they cool down!

How long to smoke a boston button gas grill?

On a gas grill, you will want to maintain the smoke and temperature for at least 4 hours (6 if it's larger). You also need your cooking surface heated up around 225°F so that everything can cook evenly throughout its whole length.

How long to smoke a Boston Butt on big green egg?

The Boston Butt is a joy to cook on the Big Green Egg. It takes about 6-8 hours for it cooks well and has great flavor from smoking wood added during cooking process

Set up your grill for indirect heat at 275 °F / 135 ° C using hickory or cherry branches.

How long to smoke a Boston Butt on Charcoal Grill.

On a charcoal grill, it takes 5-6 hours for the pork butt to reach an internal temperature of 165 ºF. When smoking on wood chips or hickory shards in your smoker, always keep one eye out because these can burn quickly so that you don't end up with anything but ash!

In order not to have this happen as well I recommend checking them every hour during the cooking time just make sure they're still burning properly before putting more fuel under them.


When you are smoking a Boston butt, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to in order to make sure it is cooked properly.

In this blog post, we've given you some tips on how long to smoke a Boston butt, so that it is tender and juicy.

Keep reading for more information and leave a comment below.

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