How Long Does Wood Pellets Last in A Pellet Grill?

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Check out this post, now we got snow, we got ice and it’s 29 degrees outside.

Today I will answer the question is: how long does wood pellets last in a pellet grill? at this kind of extreme temperatures when you’re cooking in the winter.

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How long do pellets last in a pellet grill?

What’s up everybody, welcome back to the patio, my blog is, if you’re reading my post and cook, I have a little bit of a different setup today

It is a high of 29 degrees today, we gonna get some sleep,  some snow maybe, some freezing rain

So definitely not a great day to hang out so I’m gonna barbecue anyhow

We’re going to be cooking some stuff but I’m not going to film the actual cooking

What I am going to do is I’m going to show you how long does a 20lb bag of pellets lasts? Or how long do pellets last in a smoker?

I figured because it’s cold it’d be a great chance to put in some wood pellets and just show you how long they last?

How long does a 20lb bag of pellets last?

Where to buy a bag of 20lb of pellets?

Typically when you buy a 20-pound bag of wood pellets, you can buy these from anywhere

They’re 18 to 20 bucks depending on where you buy them from.

In my review, I talked about

That’s where I buy mine from and you can buy a half pellet or a full pellet, that’s 28 or 56 bags and you can get down to like 13, 11.50 depending on if you get a full pellet or not, So you can really save yourself some money

How to start a test?

So if you’re doing a really long cook, you fill your wood pellet  up, and away you go

But to be honest, I’ve never actually sat there and just filled it up once,  left it, and saw how long it went

I’m always just adding some more as I come out to spray and don’t think twice about it

Step1: Empty the auger

Today what we’re doing is I’ve emptied it out completely.  The auger is clean and empty, what I’ve done is I’ve measured out 10 pounds.

So I’m going to dump in 10 pounds, we’re going to fire it up and we’re going to see how long does a hopper of pellets lasts in a pellet grill.

And like I said it’s 29 degrees outside so if it lasts you know: x amount of hours in here as it’s warmer

it’s only going to last longer but it’ll give you a great baseline

And next, we’ll just get this guy fired up

Step2: Fire it Up

Now when you first turn on the machine, it defaults to 350 degrees, chances are if you’re doing a long cook like a brisket or something like that.

You’re probably going to be in that 250-degree range, I’m smoking something anyhow

So we’re going to set it to 250 degrees and we’ll let it get started up

Typically what you want to do is just leave it open until you see a little bit of smoke

That means it’s going and then you can close it up and away you go

And what we’ll do is I’ll actually show you the time a little bit later into the post and give you an idea of you know what that temperature line looked like and how long it went

Basically what’s happening right now

·        Firebox:  make sure you always empty it before you start it

·        When you have the diffuser:  removable diffuser door,  i just open that door and usually dump out the pellet dust inside and i vacuum it out

I don’t know every month and a half or something like that you can dump a lot inside and still go

Step3: Put the pellet in

And then you know, put the pellet tray back in

And when you first startup, what’s gonna happen is wood pellets are gonna drop into that tray

There’s a ceramic element that heats up and what it does is start to heat up those pellets.

They start to smolder and eventually catch on fire

And then from there the brains of the unit, just adds more wood pellets based on temperature.

Now you can actually get a thermal jacket for these guys, I don’t know what the price is I’ve seen them online.

I don’t have one, to be honest, everyone laughs at my pitbull with the winter jacket on, I don’t need people laughing at my barbecue with a winter jacket on

But in the interest of science, i may get one at one point in time and just try the exact same experiment and see how much improvement it makes on it

Step5: Waiting How long do wood pellets burn in a grill?

All right so when I can smell the wood pellets start to burn now,  got a little bit of smoke

We’re good! we’ll let that get up to temperature

I’ll let you know how long it takes to get up to 250

And then we’ll come back and see how long it cooks for 250 degrees

It took us 27 minutes to get to 250 degrees

Not too bad, it went down to 24 degrees  last night

When we started it was 29 degrees out, still 29 out

So that’s not too bad considering how cold this thing was

I’m going to get cooking and we’ll be back when we run out of pellets

Watch out for the weather and the season

So unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse yesterday

Not that it was sunny and balmy when we started but it did go down to 27 degrees.

The winds kicked up and we actually got closer to 21 degrees with the windchill and for some strange strange reason it did not turn to snow

It stayed freezing rain and sleet all-day

It was a sheet of ice out here so long story short I could not bring the camera out to shoot a wrap-up video

But we continued with the test

How long does wood pellets last in the pellet grill?

How long does a 10lb bag of pellets last?

The wood pellet did pretty well, did near the end, you know,  i treat it as if it was our last bag of pellets and as we got right near the bottom

I just kind of pushed them together, make sure that we emptied it out to we can see the auger itself

So we got maximized the amount of time we could get out of that 10 pounds of pellets

And you know if we look at the time,  we went 4 hours and 58 minutes for 10lb wood pellets last in pellet grill, so it took us 27 28 minutes to get up the temperature

So we got about three-four and a half hours of cook time

Now one thing to note about that you know this is heavy steel,  it was low 20 degrees overnight before we started 29 degrees  when we started

So this thing was freezing so I got to think it took probably another half hour 45 minutes to get it heat soaked

And then once it gets heat soaked,then your efficiency starts to go up a little bit, it doesn’t need to burn as many pellets and there’s not as much of a swing in the temperatures

How long do 20 lbs of pellets last?

So you know I think with a 20-pound bag in that type of weather, we can burn at 250 degrees for 9 hours or maybe even 10 hours,  might be able to get another another hour out of that once it was heat soaked

So that’s pretty darn good, considering how cold it was

The one thing to note, you can see a few temperature fluctuations: in this extreme weather, we’re really not moving that much

Right! stick burner,  pellet grills, they work on the temperature, the temperature comes down,  they add more fuel, the temperature goes up and it’s a little bit of …you know, a little bit of roller coaster

There is always going to be some variants in temperatures, but in those extreme temperatures really wasn’t that bad

If you wanted to even make it better live on the east coast and you’ve got you to know even colder whether you do a lot of winter cooking

I did talk yesterday made a joke about the thermal jacket for this that will really help, you can get them from

That’s where I got my unit from they sell them

I’m sure there are some other places that sell them

But you know you can try one of those out and that should really help

More FAQs:

Do pellet grills use a lot of pellets?

Pellet grills are a great option for those looking to cook delicious food without all the hassle. These low maintenance devices use about 1/2 pound of pellets per hour on the Smoke setting, which can be adjusted depending on your needs and preferences (from indirect heat in summertimes under hot suns).

A 20lb bag will last you, several cooks, if used sparingly – though usage depends entirely upon weather conditions such as wind or cold since they affect how quickly these appliances burn up fuel-so make sure not to let them sit waiting around until its winter again before using!

How long does a 40lb bag of pellets last?

If you’re thinking about a pellet grill, it’s important to understand how much fuel is needed for the firebox and cooking area. You’ll also want to know what size your smoker/grill will be so that this amount can be determined as well – most grills require at least seventy-five but typically up in the range from 100 all way close down into single-digit numbers like the twenties or thirties depending on their design preference (eighty would work).

The 40-pound bag here should generally suffice if used sparingly over 24 hours; however just one 75lbs box might only get someone closer towards forty hrs when fully utilizing its capabilities before needing another supply!

How many bags of pellets do you burn a day?

The typical burn rate of pellets is an average of 40-pound per day, meaning that you can use your stove every 24 hours without burning more fuel in one go!

How Long Does 5 pounds of wood pellets last?

I’m often asked this question, and the answer is usually dependant on what size pellet grill you have. For example, a 30-inch wide model will need about 40-50 lbs for 24/25 hours, while a 47″ X 32″ large offset smoker might use 80-100lbs – but it’s not uncommon to only get 12-15hr from just one load!

For my pellet grill, It usually takes about 2-3 hours for 5lbs of wood pellets to last in the pellet grill.

Why does my pellet grill only last 24 hours on 40 pounds of pellets?

Pellet grills often require at least seventy-five pounds worth of wood pellets to heat food as best they can. If you live close enough that your local store sells forty-pound bags then it will probably take about this much too but if not, just buy another twenty-five altogether and make sure it is always more than what’s needed!

Can you burn wood in a pellet grill?

Yes! Wood pellets are one of the most common fuel sources used today in pellet grills, whether for traditional or smoked barbecue. Find your best flavor by pairing with fruitwoods like apple or cherry, or stronger flavors like hickory or mesquite!


Overall you know:  I’m pretty impressed to get… you know: 9 hours in a 20-pound bag of wood pellet last in the pellet grill and in the 20 degrees and freezing rain. Pretty darn good!

The only thing we’ve got to do now is when the spring comes or the summer comes, we’ll have to write another video and just see how much it improves

Well, hopefully, you enjoyed this video and learned how long does wood pellets last in a pellet grill?

Thanks as always for watching,  don’t forget to like the video and please subscribe

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I’ll see you soon!

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