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The 14 Best Built-in Smoker For Outdoor Kitchen Review in 2023

Mr James Hall
  Feb 3, 2023 7:35 PM

A pellet smoker is a type of gas or electric-fired rotisserie cooker with a hopper and auger, used to smoke various types of food. The internal temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level so that the food cooks evenly. There are three main types of pellet smokers: stovetop, open pit, and electric.

The first two are self-contained while the latter is usually lighter in weight with an automatic lid and digital controller. The flame broiling method used in a pellet smoker is known as indirect heat, meaning it gets the food from rival elements without burning the food itself.


Many people living in a small apartment or on a tight budget, who are looking to start an outdoor cooking business, find themselves in the market for pellet smokers.

These smokers come filled with heated pellets that produce tender and juicy meat. This article will go through different types of the best built-in smoker outdoor kitchens on the market and help guide your decision about which type to buy for your needs.

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Buying Guide

Types of built-in smoker for outdoor kitchens

A gas pellet smoker

A gas pellet smoker is an outdoor cooking machine with a cylindrical design, in the shape of a barrel, that burns propane to produce heat.

Its name comes from the fact that propane, rather than electricity, is used to generate combustion and smoke.

Gas smokers use small metal pellets as fuel, which are ignited by a burner on the inside of the barrel.

The process has two parts: burning and smoking.

To get food ready to be smoked on a gas smoker all you need to do is add charcoal briquettes or chunks and make sure it is connected with a hose.

Gas smokers can get very hot but they are free-standing and you can carry them around easily.

They are also shorter in height so they are easier to move around indoors. A gas pellet smoker is a very efficient and economic option when compared to wood pellet smokers, electric smokers, or charcoal grills.

The main drawback of gas smokers is that it does not have the capability to keep food warm after it has been cooked.

best Built-in Smoker for out door kitchen

A charcoal smoker

A charcoal smoker is a small portable heater used for smoking foods outdoors or on a grill. It is an integral part of barbeque cuisine since the late 19th century when the device was popularized by many American restaurants and barbecue joints. There are two types of charcoal smokers: the smoker box and the offset smoker.

The smoker box is a metal barrel that has a lid on it and you can use charcoal briquettes or chunks to get the food smoking. The offset smoker has its chimney on one side and a metal bucket that is used to keep food warm after it has been cooked.

Both these types of smokers are easy to operate, safe, and affordable. A charcoal smoker originated in Europe in the 18th century. It is also known as the hibachi, which has been used for centuries by the Japanese for smoking fish and meats.

A wood pellet smoker

A wood pellet smoker is an advanced form of charcoal or gas smoker. It works on a wood pellet-powered heating element instead of direct flame.

This allows for easier use and control of the temperature when compared to other smokers.

These smokers tend to be more expensive but they cook food just as well if not better than a gas smoker and are easier to maintain too. The main advantage of a wood pellet smoker is that it can smoke, cook, and roast all in one unit. There are two types of wood pellet smokers: the vertical smoker and the offset smoker.

The vertical smoker is tall and can contain several racks for smoking food. An offset smoker has a vertical chamber for smoke but its chimney is on the side instead of in front like in a regular wood pellet grill. It is so named because it offsets the burn pot from the heat source, which makes it easier to add charcoal to ignite smoke.

However, this type of unit is considered more advanced since you need to make sure that you maintain a temperature difference between the air intake and heat source.

An electric smoker

An electric smoker is one of the newer inventions and has the capability to smoke, roast, bake, and grill. It works on an electric heating system powered by electricity.

The appliance usually has a temperature controller that allows you to regulate the heat between 250 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. For smoking food, all you need to do is add wood pellets or chips in a hopper attached to a motor-operated auger and control the temperature using a digital thermostat.

Smoking with an electric smoker is easy, and economical and it allows you to add flavor without adding calories.


Price is a major factor to consider in your quest to buy the best built-in smoker for your outdoor kitchen. The price of a unit can range from a few hundred dollars to over $2000.

The price mainly depends on the type, features, and size of the device you want to buy. In terms of type, you can choose from gas smokers that use propane or charcoal smokers that use wood pellets.

For electric smokers, if you go for a top-of-the-line model then prices can go up to $2000 but most models are available for $1000 or less if you go for cheaper alternatives.

As for features, consumers are usually aware of what basic features are present in a smoker and will not buy a unit unless it has them. For example, smokers usually have front access doors to make it easy to open the unit so that you can get your food smoking. Most models come with a temperature gauge that makes it simple to check the temperature inside the appliance.

Built-in pellet smoker outdoor kitchen

How do pellet smokers work?

A pellet smoker is a smoking device that uses small, cylindrical pellets as fuel to cook or smoke food. The pellets are burnt with a heating element or fuel source, which causes the pellets to disintegrate and emit heat inside the cooking chamber.

The elements are controlled by thermostats of digital controllers, which can be adjusted in order to control temperature and other settings depending on many factors such as the type of food being cooked and the desired temperature.

A lot of smokers offer different types of wood pellets that can be used to smoke food. There are two basic types: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood pellets are made from sawdust and hardwood dust, which is produced when a hardwood piece is shredded by a special type of machine.

The hardwood dust is then compressed into small pieces that are usually burnt for fuel. Softwood pellets come from tree branches and twigs, which basically means that they were not taken from the main tree trunk.

You need to find out which type of wood pellets will be best suited for your needs before you purchase them. Wood pellets burn better when they have moisture content but if you're using an electric smoker, it could be difficult to maintain a constant level of moisture in the pellet hopper.

The benefits of having a pellet smoker for your outdoor kitchen

Pellet smokers can be used for a variety of cooking and smoking purposes.

These units cook food very quickly and are dependable if you want to use wood pellets for your fuel source.

Due to their smoke-producing qualities, pellet smokers are the perfect choice for a barbecue arrangement by providing a rich, smoky taste to foods that include meat, fish, vegetables, and cheese.

There are different types of pellet smokers available on the market today ranging from basic electric smokers to high-end convection ovens with thermostats that have advanced features such as digital timers and thermostat controls. These are great for cooking food with a smoky flavor.

The purists among us who prefer a charcoal or wood fire to cook with prefer pellet smokers. These units allow you to indulge in your favorite foods without changing the flavor of your meats, grill items naturally, and preserve the natural flavors of ingredients.

These types of smokers are also great for home cooks because they can be small enough to cook dinner for just two people at once. They claim that they can cook food as quickly as they can grill it and are perfectly friendly to most foods including meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.

While there are many advantages to these types of smokers, that's not the only reason why you need one in your outdoor kitchen today.

If you are interested in smoking food, especially if you are a foodie, then you will love this article. You will have all of the information that you need to master the grill and learn everything about grilling and smoking.

These smokers are designed to work with pellet fuel and provide accurate temperatures for your cooking needs so that even if you might not be an experienced cooker or chef yet, you can still get incredible results.

How to install a pellet smoker in your outdoor kitchen

You can install a pellet smoker in your outdoor kitchen very easily, especially if you're customizing your outdoor space to make it more functional and fun.

The great thing about designing an outdoor kitchen is that there are so many possibilities for your project.

The basic requirements for installing a pellet smoker include choosing the right place or spot for it and then mounting the unit securely on the deck.

Make sure that you have enough space to house the device, especially if you're installing a unit with a thermostat.

This can help you manage the temperature inside easily because different foods require different temperatures in order to cook without burning or getting damaged.

You can decide on whether to use electricity or propane as a fuel source depending on your preferences and needs.

You can also build a fire pit or outdoor cooking area near the pergola if you want to smoke food outdoors in front of your outdoor kitchen.

After you finish installing your smoker on the deck and preparing the smoker for use, it's time to prepare your food and get it ready for cooking.

When you're cooking food, don't forget that pellet smoke is a type of smoke that carries flavor as well as everything else. You can detect how dried your meat is simply by looking at its surface after cooking because it looks and smells different from when it was raw.

When you cut into it, you will notice that the color has changed and makes it easier to taste like smoked meat instead of charred meat.

Pellet smoker recipes for your outdoor kitchen

Smoked chicken wings coated in sauce

If you want to smoke chicken wings, you can use this recipe to give them a wonderful flavor and smoky aroma that goes well with BBQ sauce.

It contains all of the ingredients that a chef would need including salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, and chipotle powder among others.

Mix all of these ingredients together thoroughly in a bowl then use them for marinating the wings for about 24 hours prior to smoking them. A

fter the marinating process is done, use a smoker to barbecue them for about half an hour so that they are properly cooked and set. Then, you can dip them in the sauce and then eat them with some bread if you want as an appetizer or meal option.

Smoked pork chops and BBQ sauce

This recipe is perfect for anyone who loves hot foods because it contains all of the ingredients needed to make a great dish that will give you a delicious taste of smoked food.

It has smoke, chili flakes, cayenne pepper, and paprika among other things. Use this recipe if you want to smoke different kinds of meats including pork chops because they go great with chicken wings or other types of meat as well as sandwiches.

Smoked pizza recipes

You can use a pellet smoker to make perfectly smoked pizzas that are great for parties or family get-togethers.

You can check out this recipe if you think it will give you the best results because it has everything that you need in order to make a great-tasting pizza.

You will find all of the ingredients like bread dough, pizza sauce, and cheese along with lettuce, tomatoes, and onion as toppings.

It's time to start making your own delicious pizzas by getting yourself a good pellet smoker because they have many benefits that you won't be able to experience without this type of smoker including control over the temperature and other factors that matter when it comes to your food.


Which is better, gas or pellet?

The answer to this question depends on the features of each machine and what you want out of each. Gas units may be easier to start but a pellet unit may be easier to control the temperature with. They both have pros and cons so it just comes down to which one has the features that you want most or need most in a smoker.

Can I put my own wood chunks in my smoker?

Yes, you can use your own wood chunks if you want. Just make sure that the chunks are small enough for your smoker to handle safely because not all smokers can handle large pieces of wood well.

How much fuel do I need to run my smoker?

The amount of fuel that you use depends on how long you are going to smoke. The amount will also depend on how large your pellet is and whether or not you use it as a smoker or a barbecue oven. If you decide on using it as a smoker, make sure that you have enough fuel in the tank so that it will last for about one hour of cooking. When using as a barbecue oven, make sure that the pellets have enough juice so that they will start smoking when they're put into the unit. If you want to make sure that you'll have enough fuel for the amount of time that you plan to cook, consider how much food you are going to cook and how long you will be cooking it.

What is the difference between the flavors?

There are a few different flavors of pellets depending on what kind of foods they will produce when cooked. You can get smoked hickory which produces a very mild flavor along with apple and oak which are both considered mild as well. There is also mesquite which produces a very strong flavor if used correctly. It isn't used for smoking most meats so it's typically used for barbecue recipes like ribs or other meat where that strong flavor is better suited.


Smoking meat is a great way to enjoy it and give it a delicious flavor that everyone likes. If you have always wanted to start smoking your own food, then it is important that you purchase the right equipment so that you can have the best possible results when using your smoker.

Many people choose to use the best built-in smoker outdoor kitchens because they are relatively easy to use and they can provide long-lasting service for many years if taken care of correctly.

A pellet smoker is one of the best possible choices because it provides you with an easy way to control the temperature as well as manage smoke so that you can get great-tasting food and avoid charred or burnt food which isn't fun for anyone.

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