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14 Best Small Air Fryer Review Guide of 2022 - Friendly Toast

Mr James Hall
  Oct 2, 2022 7:43 AM

Do you want to start cooking healthier meals but don't want the hassle of preheating a full oven? Well, an air fryer is just what you need. Not only can it take up less space on your counter, but it also can cook food quickly without added fat. Air frying uses hot air and circulating convection currents that surround the food in oil to make crispy treats without adding any oil to your meal.

The oil simply circulates around the food, leaving it super crispy while still preserving its natural color and flavor. You can cook multiple foods at a time and store the resulting leftover meals in the refrigerator or freezer. But how to choose the best small air fryer? After reading this article I hope you will find it out.

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Best small air fryer review

Who needs one of those icky deep fryers? Not today! Air fryers have been creating a buzz lately, and they might be the best purchase you ever made. By using an air fryer instead of a conventional oven or stovetop, you get more bang for your buck. In this guide, we'll tell you all about the ins-and-outs of air frying and what to look for in any good machine.

In this round up article, we provide all the best small air fryers that are on the market today and avoid ones that have been discontinued or have major complaints against them.

Best Small Air Fryer

1. Ninja AF101 Air Fryer  is a great small air fryer that comes with 700 watts of power and four preset menu settings: fries, burgers, chicken and fish. Using the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer  is really easy because you have no knobs or dials to play with; everything is as simple as pushing a button. The fryer itself has a large 2.2 lb food capacity and could cook for one or two people in one session. It's also easy to clean with removable parts that can be placed on top of the dishwasher or run through the sink wash cycle.

2. DASH Tasti-Crisp™ Electric Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control is pretty basic, but it has everything you need to get started with your air-frying adventures. It comes with a recipe book that includes 25 recipes, and you can create your own recipes using the digital timer. The fryer has a 2.2 lb food capacity, which is better than some of the higher end air fryers on this list. If you don't want to use the preset times or don't have time to mess with different buttons, it's still easy to operate with one knob for preheating and turning the fryer on or off.

3. Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven with 8-in-1 Functionality is a bit more advanced than the previous model; it comes with 1600 watts of power and five preset temperature and cooking programs for fries, chicken, grills, sausages and meats. There are also five pre-programmed timers ranging from one minute to thirty minutes. The housing itself is made from stainless steel, which looks a lot better than other metal models. It has a 4.2 lb food capacity that is perfect for cooking for two people without having leftovers.

4. Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone XL 2-Basket Air Fryer  is a great air fryer for beginners and has a lot of similar features to the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer. This fryer has digital controls, with programmable presets and digital timer that lets you set the time until you're ready to eat. The air fryer uses 1200 watts of power and has a 3.2 lb food capacity that can cook for one or two people. There are also recipes included in the instruction manual with enough space to add your own in the spot where they keep their recipes. You can also buy accessories that allow you to bake and roast with this air fryer!

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Buying Guide

Benefits of small air fryer

Air fryers offer plenty of benefits that can make your cooking experience much easier. For instance, they can cook foods up to 70 percent faster than traditional ovens. The result is a tasty meal in less time with no added fat. Another benefit of a small air fryer is the lack of oil needed to make dishes that taste great and are healthier than deep-frying. Plus, you won't have to worry about the smoke and odors that come with deep-frying food because air frying doesn't use any oil at all. And lastly, like other items in your kitchen, an air fryer is compact and easy to store away when not being used.

Key Features

The main features of an air fryer include heat control, a timer, and a basket 

  • Heat control allows you to choose the temperature of the air fryer by yourself and is the main reason why air frying is so much faster than deep-frying. If you don't want your food too hot, simply lower the temperature. If you want it cooked, but not burnt, then raise it up to a suitable temperature. 
  • The timer feature allows for cooking in about 20 minutes or less depending on the power source selected for your model. Also included are several different sized baskets for various sized foods such as vegetables, chicken, and even baking dishes. 
  • A basket is a great feature for air frying because it can help you to distribute the heat better across the food you are cooking. Also, if you are having trouble with a certain dish, such as fish that is falling apart, then simply use the basket to hold it together as it cooks. 

Other critical factors

Certain air fryers come with a basket that can make cooking without fats easier. This is especially useful for preparing food items such as chicken, fish, and vegetables.

In general, another important factor to consider is the design of an air fryer. The range of designs and styles is plenty which allows you to pick one that suits your particular needs best.

So far, we have learned about the benefits of air frying over deep-frying and also considered its key features like heat control, timer, and defrost mode. And now let's look at some good options in terms of design and quality so that you choose one that best fits your lifestyle.

Also, a small air fryer is one of the best options for you because it cooks food in less time than larger models do. As an added bonus, these appliances are small and easy to store during the off-season. They are especially great for dorm rooms because they take up little storage space and make cooking healthier meals easier than using a full-size oven.


What is the best small-size air fryer?

The best air fryer to buy at the moment is one that fits your needs best. As a general rule of thumb, the less expensive a model is the cheaper it is going to be, but this doesn't always remain the case. This is why in some instances you can save more money by buying an older or outdated model. However, there are times when quality and features are more important than affordability which is why buying an air fryer with good quality and features can be beneficial for you over time.

Is it worth getting a small air fryer?

A small air fryer is the best choice to buy if you are looking for something that is portable, cheap and also versatile. You can use it to cook a variety of foods without worrying about over-cooking them because they will cook at a steady pace. It can also be used as an alternative or replacement for your traditional oven and won't cause you any problems in your kitchen or living room.

What air fryer is best for a single person?

There are two options that you can choose from when buying an air fryer. The first one is one that is small and compact which is perfect for a single person. They are easy to move around, take up little storage space when not being used and they also cook food at an even and steady pace. However, it's important to keep in mind that a smaller air fryer isn't going to retain heat as well as larger models do which means it will take longer for them to cook certain foods such as cakes and cookies.


We hope this article has been helpful to you in learning how to choose the best small air fryer. As you can see, there are a variety of models to choose from, and they all have their own unique features which make choosing one that best fits your particular needs a little trickier than it may seem. However, this short buying guide should help you make a good choice when buying an air fryer that is suitable for your needs and also has the features that you desire.

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