About Us


With the desire to bring to the community a place where they can easily search for information, make multi-dimensional comparisons, and accurately choose the best products/services that best suit their needs. The Friendly Toast was born to concretize that.

Who are we? What is The Friendly Toast?

In The Friendly Toast, we are the platform for research and the creation of top lists in all kitchen tools, gadgets, and the equipment,...

In development, we're one of the largest and most comprehensive product/service review sites on the web, with tens of thousands of reputable reviews and ratings. TheFriendlyToast.net is very different from normal product/service review websites in that each product/service group of TheFriendlyToast.net is displayed for users to easily search and choose quickly.

Although TheFriendlyToast.net has researched thousands of products/services in a single category, TheFriendlyToast.net will only show you the best choice. Because no one has time to go through and try hundreds of products/services in an industry. 

Reviews and comments of  TheFriendlyToast.net are the perfect combinations of product comparison, professional analysis and industry data for you to find the quality product/service that is best for you.

We know everyone's needs are different. And we know products have many unique uses, services have a lot of information you can't grasp, to choose the correct one is not easy. The good news is, TheFriendlyToast.net will show you the right options that have been researched, reviewed and ranked as one of the best.

Why did we create The Friendly Toast?

Currently, the market for providing products/services is very complicated, consumers are worried with business tricks, false advertising and cannot distinguish which is good and which is not. Therefore, regardless of the product/service in any industry, your choice is always very difficult.

Sure, it would be great if you could buy all the products you need, take them home, try and return the products you don't want, or use a certain service in multiple places and then Choose the best place.

Unfortunately, that's just a fairy tale thing. Most of us don't have enough time or money to do it.

And that's why TheFriendlyToast.net was born. We do the reviews, research and ratings so you don't have to and still get the results of the process.

How do we operate? How does The Friendly Toast evaluate products/services?

We have assembled a team of researchers and evaluators, whose skills have been professionally trained. They have the task of entering the market, getting information, researching and making unbiased reviews about many products/services.

The Friendly Toast's assessment is described as follows:

We bring our research team directly into the market (Example: places where you shop, where you use services); participate in online forums, follow trends, stay up to date with industry news and keep an eye on the latest in products/services. In addition, The Friendly Toast's research team also looks for people who have used the product or experienced the service from reality to collect information and evaluate it most accurately.

After that, The Friendly Toast's research team will sit down, based on the collected data to identify and select products/services that need attention. The team's selections are based on a set of criteria including reputation, popularity, user reviews, etc. Sometimes, it takes us a whole month to judge whether a product/service is worthy. included in The Friendly Toast or not?

Once the research and reviews are completed, the final list of The Friendly Toasts is released, and our editors carefully edit and present them (paying attention to spelling errors) before when officially being published on the website TheFriendlyToast.net.

In some cases, when a product/service sample has no information, we will go to the store and spend money to buy it or use it as a normal customer to evaluate. With the product/service information available, The Friendly Toast team will begin a meticulous evaluation process, covering most of the things you want to know. This ensures we can identify and communicate the strengths and weaknesses of each product/service in a way that makes sense to you.

In addition, we use a system (i.e. some complex algorithms) and secrets in our information search so that the data is recorded and ranked as accurately as possible.

How does The Friendly Toast always maintain its credibility and objective assessment?

The three criteria that we always aim for when evaluating are "Objective - complete - accurate", in order to bring you the best and most suitable choices.