Audience Development Strategies

Audience Development allows the Entertainment producer to connect directly with its indented audience. It’s being used extensively in the last couple of years, from independent movies that have a companion web site and a Facebook Fan page, to the multi-million dollar interactive experience that involve games, web sites and live events. What all these projects have in common is the desire of their producers to engage an audience using digital and social media tools.

Audience Engagement Strategies

Even though there are broad stroke components that you can point to that describe successful transmedia properties, there is no definitive formula of, say, three parts narrative divided by three digital platforms and multiplied by two parts social media, which will yield a guaranteed success. What works for a particular project or audience may not work […]

Transmedia Storytelling: An Entrepreneurial Approach

The concept of transmedia production, as both a creative template and business model, is by no means a novel one. Cinema pioneers began to experience a cross-media approach to storytelling 100 years ago, but today’s audiences are in a position to choose the content they want, when they want and on the device of their choice. In other words, the expectation contemporary audiences presume you’ll meet is; any content, anywhere. In the context of a shrinking market populated by increasingly fragmented audiences, transmedia storytelling provides a viable alternative to the conventional TV and Film production business.

Transmedia Storytelling: What is Transmedia?

It’s all about Transmedia Storytelling, Marketing, Participatory Media and Convergence. Every producer aspires to design an entertainment brand that can grow into a pop icon, a brand whose storyworld or hero has enough creative potential to power spin-offs and reboots, theme park rides and acres of merchandise. So how can independents achieve this degree of success if they don’t have a hundred million dollars to spend on a marketing campaign or the time to gamble on a viral video or game?

Top 5 Amazon Cooking Books

Top 5 Amazon Cooking Books Want to know more about cooking? Check out our selection of the Top 5 Cooking Books on Amazon. 1 . Mastering the Art of French Cooking, by Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking is for both seasoned cooks and beginners who love good food and long to reproduce […]

Friendly Toast Boston

Top 5 Reasons why you should spend your Monday night off at the Friendly Toast in Cambridge:   5) You can get a burger almost anywhere, but can you get an Avocado Burger with fresh, ripe, avocado, delicious bacon & balsamic glaze, and crisp green lettuce & plump juicy tomato?  No you cannot unless you are specifically […]

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 The Friendly Toast Hours – Cambridge SUN – THURS:           8AM – 10PM FRI – SAT:                   8AM – 12PM   The Friendly Toast Hours – Portsmouth SUN – WEDS:            7AM – 9PM THURS:                       7AM – 10PM FRI – SAT:                   7AM – 2AM

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Scout’s Honored 2014 winner Best Restaurant in Kendall Square & Best Breakfast/Brunch in Cambridge! The Friendly Toast on Cambridge won “Best Restaurant” in Kendall Square and “Best Breakfast/Brunch” in Cambridge by Scout Cambridge Magazine.   1 Kendall Square b3101, Cambridge, MA 02139 (617) 621-1200